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  1. 5 stars
    First of all, your site is really nice. Thank you for publishing such a thorough recipe without blanketing the page in ads!
    My daughter and I first tried savory Pannenkoeken at De Oude Muntkelder in Utrecht and knew we wanted to try to make them at home.
    For our first attempt, we purchased a box of Pannen Koeken Naturel Mix from Albert Heijn and brought it back to our home. The ingredients of this mix are: tarwebloem, boekweitmeel, volkoren havermeel, gejodeerd zout, rijsmiddel (difosfaat [E450], natriumcarbonaat [E500]), tarwezetmeel.
    I assume that the tarwebloem (wheat flour) is most of the box, but was wondering how much boekweitmeel (buckwheat) and volkoren havermeel (whole oatmeal), in particular, they might be adding because I have found no recipes online that include such things. If we were to add such ingredients to your recipe, how much substitution of wheat do you think we should try?

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