Recipe Easter Lemon Bundt Cake

The citrus bundt cake has a vanilla lemon flavor and a lemon glaze topping. This bundt easter cake is fresh, rich, moist, and buttery. It is the moistest lemon bundt cake ever!

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Without its easter decorations is this citrus bundt cake the perfect snack for spring and summer

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What is in this dish?

- Lemon - Unsalted Butter - All-Purpose Flour - Brown Sugar - Eggs - Sour Cream - Vanilla Extract

How to make?

Beat the butter, sugar, and oil in a large bowl for about 5 minutes, with an electric mixer on medium-high speed, until light in color and fluffy.

Easy bundt cake recipe

Bundt easter cakes are a tradition for Easter. Especially with a lemon glaze and lemon flavor.

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